He was touched by her words, leaning towards her, he hugged her and said:
Once our club was rented for the night by a very rich girl who celebrated her birthday with her friends. Among them were quite well-known ladies. When I went on stage during the first program, I noticed that the girls were sitting at small tables of 4 5 people, which were located in a semicircle around the oval stage. The birthday girl sat in the center, at the largest table on the dais. The stage in our club was not high, about half a meter with a pylon in the center. Then, among the guests, I noticed a fairly popular pop singer. At first I couldn't believe my eyes. I really liked her both as a singer and as a woman. I knew that she was married, so I looked for a long time to see if she really was. And during the second program, I met her eyes. She looked at me with interest, and when our eyes met, she smiled and winked at me, showing "class" with her thumb. I had no more doubts. It really is her.
I lower my gaze and turn to stand. You suddenly take my forearms firmly, but carefully, and look into my eyes, which I dont know what to do with shame. Just do not now explain and console me. At this time, the imagination generously sprinkles with frank pictures of how you caress and beautifully fuck all our sexual mutual acquaintances. Here you are, winding long silky black hair around your fist in a dog pose, ending up in a flushed, flowing tasty pussy, moaning loudly and biting that fucking student on the neck. Here is a long-legged colleague from work swallowing your boner in pose 69 with relish, and you are lying under her fucking her pussy with your tongue and inserting your second finger into a gorgeous, sweat-soaked ass, working it out for the next call. Here is your best friend throwing her legs on your shoulders and you are fucking her deep and tight to the very balls, squeezing her big breasts, kissing her nipples, while she twitches under you in an orgasm. I feel more and more my absurdity and stupidity, imagining how these beauties flow from you, scream under you, furiously caress you with their lips, hands, breasts, vulva, and you finish, finish, finish, filling their excited faces with thick white sperm from a shuddering member.
liveartbcs.com/serbia/20-01-2022-1. We sat in complete darkness for half an hour, but during these 30 minutes I felt some special closeness, some special feelings. In the dark, I could feel her smooth skin pressing against me, the heat from her body, her even breathing, her chest heaving and deflated with every breath she took.
The topic was painful for me. But for some reason I almost fell in love with Galina and did not want to hide anything from her.
Then we fucked many more times in a country house. And in the steam room, and on the table, and standing against the wall, and a couple of times even on a sunny day in the forest. Often Anyuta finished sitting on top of me, she completely immersed my cock in herself, pressed hard against me and soon I felt her hot sperm beating between us. Finishing first many times, she then brought me to orgasm with some unimaginable blowjob. I still cant understand how she could take it to the very foundation, she just dipped her penis into her very throat and sometimes froze like that, touching my pubis with her nose, her face turned red, tears began to flow from her eyes. I remember at first I felt sorry for her a little and, let's say, spared her, but she very quickly got angry at such behavior.
No, I have experience in this matter. Not one of you walking married matchmaker. If you have already found someone who understands this, then you need to hold on to him. Happiness, it can only come once in a lifetime.
- Oh, well, here's another thing I'll run away from as soon as you want.